On Board with Paul at DCTEnterprises.com Highly Detailed Pet and Animal Portraits prepared by a Professional Portrait Artist

Onboard with Paul at DCTEnterprises.com

Shores of Lake OntarioI was born and raised in the beautiful 'Land of Lakes' tourist region just north of the shores of Lake Ontario. I attended schools in Napanee, Picton and graduated as an Architectural Draftsman from Loyalist College in Belleville continuing on to become a certified Computer Programmer/Analyst in Kingston.

I started in the building trades when I was 15, and worked my way thru many trades and owned my own businesses before I changed my career to technology in 2000. After 6 years at a local college teaching Computer Programming I now own a small business again consulting and developing web sites.

My artistic aptitudes were noticed early on by many. My first 'stick man' at the age of two-and-a-half included all fingers, full face and hair. Through the growing years I expressed my abilities on many surfaces using many different kinds of mediums: acrylic, pencil crayon, graphite, pen, markers, and charcoal. I like to work on different surfaces, such as picture matte, to gain different effects and depth. Bored by general art classes in school, I forged ahead in development and tested theories and tried processes on my own, such as creating silk screens while my classmates still worked on primary and secondary colour mixing. My first paid commission at age 18 put my architectural learning and artist aptitudes to use in sketching a cafe front to appear on logos and menus for a Belleville cafe. Since then, I have travelled much in Western Canada, living in Sasketchewan, Alberta, and British Columbia. While my home is Ontario, I miss the Rocky Mountains every day. I can now understand that John Denver song "Rocky Mountain High".

Friends Forever-Graphite by Paul PetersonBeing a country boy and spending much time around horses has played a major part in my current venue of the animal kingdom.

Over the years I have known many different horses. In all, there is a spirit that extends back to the wild mustang, back even further to the Arabians, and for some, back as far as the war-horse. Just touching them often helps leech out worries. They often live to please, offering stoic friendship for years and years. And even when they leave us, they never really do. Their love lives on in our hearts, causing them to gallop and frisk in our memories forever. I look forward to speaking with you, to putting to paper those memories you hold so dear.

I currently freelance and use my artistic detail and computer knowledge in designing web-sites and expanding my abilities with different mediums and surfaces. I currently live in Pembroke with my wife and two children.