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Oh, what a feeling!!

Creating art, whatever kind of art, takes volumes and volumes of energy and emotion. Anyone who doesnt think drawing takes much, obviously has never drawn before.

An artist that attempts to create without emotion is likened to a soldier attempting to do battle without his weapon. Yes, it can be done, however it will be badly done, and shortly lived.

When I attempt to produce a work, I attempt to take in the complete persona of what I am working with…if its a landscape, I try to travel there in an attempt to get a feel for it. If it is a tame animal, I will attempt to ask the owner or handler about it, such as what is its temperament? Does it play? Is it moody? What would be its favorite food? This allows me to get a rounded image of the animal. If it is a person, I attempt to query surrounding family and friends on what they are like, and there would be a similar battery of questions.

When Indians encountered white man with their fancy gadgets, specifically the camera, they refused to have their images taken…why? Because they felt that the camera captured their very souls on film. Now when an artist works, they are basically attempting to do the very same thing, they are trying to capture LIFE in their work. Capturing life on a canvas takes emotion, takes energy, and takes time.

After I am done a work, I feel both exhilarated and exhausted. I feel reborn and dead. I feel full and empty. Its a feeling like nothing else.

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