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Wow, new year already? Landscape in Watercolor

Well, a new year. When I look back on the last year, I realize that many of the personal issues I had directly effected my ability to produce worthwhile drawings. Everytime I picked up a pencil was directly related to how well I was feeling. Finally I bit the bullet, and forced my way thru the webs of emotion and turmoil to find my way clear to put pencil to paper, and it felt great! I experimented with water colors, of which I am CERTAINLY NOT well versed in LOL. Here is an example of what I attempted… What did I learn from water colors?

  1. The amt of water you add effects the depth of color applied.
  2. Work on a flat level surface.
  3. Make sure your paper is held tight to prevent warping.
  4. Dont be concerned about using the exact right amt on your mixing board. Even if it dries, you can apply water and mix your brush back and forth to dissolve the leftovers.
  5. Underpainting is difficult to do, as the upper level will dissolve the lower pigments if you work them too long. I personally didnt try it, but maybe some fixative may help alleviate this issue.