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Titus – Bulldog in Pastels

The master of disaster.Bulldog In Pastel

My brother in law wanted a bulldog. Now I didnt realize before, but bulldogs are a prefab dog. Parts are ordered from all over the place, making me think that a bulldog would have been the perfect pet for Frankenstein. Which could explain the stitch marks around his neck, and his fetish with licking everything he sees.

But seriously, they ARE a prefab dog…they are not a natural byproduct of the coupling of two dogs. They have to be helped to breed, helped to give birth, then they are monitored constantly for birth defects. It was crazy what this poor dog had to go thru in order to get to my brother in laws doorstep.

From day one, I was convinced that someone in the lab missed a step and forgot to put in a brain. He was cute mind you, but that quickly gave way to a drooling mass of excess flatulence. He eats and/or mounts EVERYTHING. God forbid someone leaves a stuffed toy laying around. I wouldnt be able to fathom the psychiatric bills that would be needed for the poor bunny.

But for all his drool, stink, and ugliness, he is a wonderful dog. He loves to play and wrestle. He loves going to the barn. He loves going in the truck (but make sure the windows are rolled down, or take a gas mask). He loves to hog the bed. And for the most part he listens when spoken to, which I can say is more that some adolescent dogs I have known.

Anyhow, here is Titus, captured in all his Frankenstein glory, in pastel. The drawing is about 24 inches by 6 inches. I exercised a little artistic freedom, and removed the lug bolts from the sides of his head.